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Electric Quad

Ages : 4 years old et +



Initiation to quad or for enthusiasts! Electric quads are always popular.


- While outside the game most be always firmly anchored to avoid accidents.

- For inside installation access to a double door and a corridor of at least 1,5 meters (60inches) is required to assure the game installation.

- It’s important to check the height space in all situation (Refer to game dimensions)

- It’s important to supervise the game at all time.

- No use on asphalt is permitted

- 8 to 14 years old

From Quebec
From Montreal


Very large and complex games 4 to 8 volunteers for handling (16+) Several power outlets (15 amps)

This game is ready for winter

Technical informations

Dimension (depth x width x height)60' X 40' X 10'

Number of participants at a time3-4

Electrical Requirements4 x 15 independent amps

Number of persons required to assemble / disassemble3-4

Number of people required to supervise2

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